Popularly known as the Divine Madman, debauched Buddhist saint by the name of Drukpa Kuenlay preached Buddhism with divine excess and used to mock and ridicule the establishments and priests that led dual lives. Some of his feats and miracles included blessing or damning families, per their moral treatment of others; turn tiny quantities of tea into superfluous amounts that would be sufficient for thousands of people; slaughtering animals for their meat and then restoring them to life from their bones; exorcising evil spirits; reforming demons and being able to travel on a spiritual plane with the ability to travel thousands of miles almost instantaneously. He was a real traveller of the 15th century!

It is a miracle in itself that Bhutanese, who are very conservative and never show affection in public, adore this holy man and paint ‘flying phalluses’ on the exteriors of their homes to represent him. It is believed that this will protect the house from evil spirits and promote fertility. Drukpa Kuenley also founded Chimi Lhakhang monastery near the town of Punakha, literally dedicated to fertility. Hundreds of people from all over Bhutan visit this monastery to pray for children and in the temple; a monk holding a symbolic phallus blesses them. Since all of his missions were carried out on the wings of his spiritual planes travelling thousands of miles, mostly in Bhutan, the lone wanderer’s legendary trails can be traced back if one choose to visit Bhutan through us. Therefore, our agent’s name is meaningfully coined as ‘Madam Tours and Travels’. The Lama was believed to have carried a bow and arrows and followed by his dog.

Madman Tours and Travels is jointly owned and managed by one of the country’s senior most Tourism Council of Bhutan certified guides who is also a part time instructor for guide training courses at Institute of Management Studies, Thimphu.